Lydia Holstein

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You are worthy...
You are enough...

Height: 5ft4
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Light Teal
Body Shape: Hourglass

Name: Lydia Holstein

Age-Sign: Depends on RP/ Sagittarius ♐︎

Wand: Ashwood with dragon heartstring core, 12 ½ inches, pliant flexibility

House: Gryffindor

Personality: INFP (Mediator)

Relatives: Minerva McGonagall (Godmother)

Blood Status: Pureblood

Patronus: Black Stallion

Animagus: Lioness

Beauxbatons House: Bellefeuille

My time zone is CET (Central European Time). If I don´t answer sometimes it might be due to the time zone differences.Please do not send one-liners. Try to do at least three sentences.I prefer to write in 3rd person.I do not have any triggers. If you do have any let me know before we start.If you do not like something in the RP or do not want to RP anymore, please let me know and do not ghost.

♕ Emily R. Granger ♕

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I love bumblebees

I love pasta

My favorite HP movie is "The Halfblood Prince"

My favorite HP character is Bellatrix Lestrange.

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I am no longer available for things that make me feel like shit.


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Credit: This beautiful backstory was designed by my talented unbiological sis Emily R. Granger. Yes. I forced her to write nice things about herself here.

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